IAADFS confirms 183 companies sign up for Orlando show

By Gary Scattergood

Almost 30 first-time exhibitors will also attend the March event

More than 180 companies have confirmed they will exhibit at the IAADFS in Orlando from March 22-25.
Most of the 2014 exhibitors have returned for 2015, while almost 30 first-time exhibitors will be present, including A to Z Duty Free LLC, Beluga Vodka International Limited, Buco Handbags, Cabeau Inc., Cheyenne International, Chrislie Formulations, Clogau, Daniel Wellington, Distillerie Des Moisans, Evaflor SA, Global Design Solutions, Greensmartliving Inc., Grupo Penaflor, Hardy Cognacs, Imprint Brasil, JetLag,Karma Tequila, KROMA Makeup, L&L SAS, Obaku LLC, OneSimCard, Prestige Wine Imports (Nosio), Ravoire & Fils, Rodeo Sport SA, Travel Clozs, Urbani Truffles USA, Yon Smart Blanket, and Yunnan Tobacco International. Exhibitors returning for 2015 after an absence include Leanez International Corp. BV, Neuhaus NV/SA, Premier Portfolio International Ltd, Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks, Travelpro International Inc. and Viva Sales & Services LLC.
“We are delighted to be welcoming back so many of our exhibitors who have always been very supportive. We are also excited that during the last year we have added more than 50 new supplier members, many of whom are exhibiting for the first time this year,” said IAADFS executive director Michael Payne. “We expect to have a full tradeshow floor,” he added The updated floorplan and exhibitor list can be found at www.iaadfs.org/2015floorplan As in 2014, IAADFS offers a single registration option that includes access to the exhibit hall plus all IAADFS-sponsored social events.
The Sunday sports programme will feature a golf tournament sponsored by American Caribbean Gateway/Macanudo Cigars, tennis, and a fun run/walk sponsored by Essence Corp that benefits the charity Escuela de la Calle.
Pre-registration for the show remains open until the beginning of on-site registration on the morning of Saturday, March 21.


KROMA a natural fit into duty free

March 12 2009 By Jas Ryan

KROMA makeup’s range does not compromise on high-performance products while addressing customer sensitivities

Before the word natural became prevalent in the beauty community, KROMA makeup had already built a niche business model based on people with sensitivities that still crave a high-performance product with stability and color range. As the brand continues to excel in duty free, KROMA returns to the Summit of the Americas to put its products into the hands of consumers domestically and internationally.

Lee Cristou, KROMA Founder, will be sharing her natural makeup line at the Summit of the Americas in Orlando

Lee Cristou, KROMA Founder, recently engineered the brand’s entry into the hotel industry, as this was the next organic relationship with travelers. “We've connected with major brand names like the Hilton, and since we've always catered to the traveling client, we found it ideal to respond to their needs in that type of setting due to the nature of the hotel guest,” she says. “Also, it’s particularly gratifying for us since we've long operated a Professional Makeup Studio, to bring that internal value by educating and launching events which we feel is vital for their success, along with providing consistent support.”

The goal for KROMA is to be exclusively available in select locations, as quality is more important to the brand than quantity. KROMA wants to continue to offer that boutique feel and attention to detail to each retailer.

KROMA has always advocated an ethnic range, making it a natural fit to international travelers, as the brand has the knowledge and confidence to cater to all women. “They've put their trust in us over the years, and our less than 1% return rate not only proves product reliability but consumer loyalty,” says Cristou.

Top sellers for the brand include refillable options that offer great color-payoff, sensitivity-free natural formulas and customization to fit the consumer’s specific needs – something that has always kept KROMA ahead of the curve. Telia Face-Lifting Primer and Botanical Foundations are the best sellers in duty free.

The evolution of KROMA in duty free will continue as innovation in products and displays leads the way. Says Cristou: “We have a new eye-catching display to accommodate the consumer and retailer needs that we're excited to launch, and are in the midst of collaborations with new interest.”

The Summit of the Americas is the next step to connect with new partners and help take the brand to a wider level nationally and internationally.

REGION Americas

Global Travel Retail Magazine

Preeclampsia Survivor Becomes Face of KROMA Makeup Fall Collection!

The Preeclampsia Foundation recently announced that preeclampsia survivor Elizabeth Papandreas is THE PROMISE ME COLLECTION Face of KROMA® benefiting the Foundation. The Central Florida-based professional makeup company announced its new "Promise Me Fall " collection at the Preeclampsia Foundation's Patient Advocates Summit in October.
The "Promise Me Fall" collection is now available for purchase on the KROMA website as a continuation of KROMA Makeup's commitment to raise awareness of preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening hypertensive disorder of pregnancy that affects approximately five to eight percent of all pregnancies in the United States. Papandreas' story will be featured in KROMA® marketing and Preeclampsia Foundation communications.

Preeclampsia Survivor Becomes Face of KROMA Makeup Fall Collection

KROMA® Makeup Launches “Promise Me Fall” Collection to Benefit Preeclampsia Foundation

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - Orlando, Fla. - The Preeclampsia Foundation announced this evening that preeclampsia survivor Elizabeth Papandreas is the newest Face for the KROMA® Makeup Promise Me Fall Collection. The Central Florida-based professional makeup company announced its new “Promise Me Fall” collection at the Preeclampsia Foundation’s Patient Advocates Summit. The “Promise Me Fall” collection is a continuation of KROMA® Makeup’s commitment to raise awareness of preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening hypertensive disorder of pregnancy that affects approximately five to eight percent of all pregnancies in the United States. Papandreas’ story will be featured in KROMA® marketing and Preeclampsia Foundation communications. “Having a preeclampsia survivor as the next ‘Face of KROMA®’ is a wonderful way for our company to highlight the bravery and strength of these amazing women through their difficult pregnancy experience,” said KROMA® Makeup Founder Lee Cristou. “The ‘Promise Me Fall’ collection allows us to continue supporting the great work that the Preeclampsia Foundation does to expand preeclampsia education and elevate awareness of this condition which can threaten the lives of moms and babies.” Papandreas experienced HELLP syndrome, a life-threatening variant of preeclampsia that affects the liver and platelets, during her first pregnancy. Her healthcare providers placed Papandreas into an induced coma and provided multiple blood transfusions to save her life. “October 16 is the seventh anniversary of my first experience with HELLP syndrome, so it was incredibly timely and quite the honor to become the next Face of KROMA® at the Preeclampsia Foundation’s Patient Advocates Summit this weekend,” said Papandreas. She then went on to have a second pregnancy in 2012, which was also affected by preeclampsia. Thanks to vigilant care, the Papandreas family of four is happy and healthy today, but Papandreas recognizes that things could have gone very differently. “If I could share one message with my fellow preeclampsia survivors, it’s that your pregnancy trauma does not have to be a defeat!” said Papandreas. “I am excited to be an advocate for this important cause, and honored to have been chosen as the ‘face of KROMA®’ for this fabulous fall collection.”

The “Promise Me Fall” collection includes a variety of eyeshadow colors, lipgloss, lipliner and lipstick shades and is available for purchase at www.kromamakeup.com.Ten percent of all sales from the “Promise Me Fall” collection will benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation.

:source - Preeclampsia Foundation

Kroma aims to add its colours to the international market

by Colleen Morgan
Source: ©The Moodie Davitt Report
31 May 2016

Natural cosmetics brand Kroma is looking to extend its travel retail footprint beyond the Americas with its range of 200 SKUs.

Kroma, named after the Greek word for colour, exhibited for the second time at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas earlier this year. Brand owner Lee Cristou said new contracts were being finalised in travel retail in New Jersey, Trinidad and St Barts following the exhibition.

“We are also talking with a global distributor and that would be the logical next step for the brand,” Cristou said.

The Florida-based company exhibited its complete collection of some 200 SKUs in Orlando, highlighting its Botanical foundations and lip glosses, Face-Lifting Primer, and Mineral Pressed Powders.

Cristou, who said the brand targets women of all skin tones, believes Kroma is “tailor made” for the duty free channel because of its diverseness and “travel-friendly” packaging.

“For 16 years we’ve serviced travelling women and executives via our Professional Makeup Studio. Being an exclusive, niche manufacturing brand we have the ability to cater to individual customers’ needs and, at the same time, meet the demands of a wide market. Most of the products in our collection are either refillable or in refillable, compact magnetic cases.”

In Cristou’s opinion, Kroma can grow in duty free without compromising the brand’s personalisation and customer attentiveness.

“I plan to introduce our resumé of extensive education and sales training from beauty advisors, all the way down to the end-user carrying our products. We have the right product and are gradually expanding beyond the USA,” she concluded.


Currently Craving: KROMA Bronzer

Published: Sunday, September 13th 2015 in Beauty by Jackie Burns Brisman

You don’t have to say goodbye to your healthy glow just because summer is ending. With a few tricks and the right products you can keep that sun-kissed glow year round. Three products we love for a little radiance are found in KROMA’s collection of bronzers.


Made with super-fine high-quality minerals plus SPF 25, KROMA’s three bronzers deliver an all-natural tan without the negative side-effects of too much time in the sun. The Matte Bronzer allows you to contour while the #1 and #2 shades offer a little shimmer for a strobing effect. I love the #1 Bronzer, it’s a lighter shade with a bit of light-reflecting shimmer, perfect for paler skin tones. You can even dust a little bit on your collarbones and shoulders for a truly natural glow. Be sure to use just a little bit of product, too much bronzer is a recipe for disaster!


Currently Craving: KROMA Makeup’s Portable Magnetic Case

Published: Sunday, August 9th 2015 in Beauty by Jackie Burns Brisman

Created in 2000 by celebrity makeup artist Lee Cristou, KROMA makeup line features rich pigments and luxurious formulations, carefully made from minerals and natural botanicals. A must-have for beauty lovers on-the-go is the portable Magnetic Case with its large mirror ($35). This sturdy, refillable case lets you mix and match your favorite eyeshadows, blushes, and pressed powers.

The Mineral Eyeshadow ($19 each) comes in 74 beautiful shades and last all-day long thanks to the high-grade minerals that they’re made from. I love the rich hunter green of Egyptian, one of the nine green shades in the line. Green shadows look beautiful with every eye color and really make my dark brown eyes pop. This one especially is perfect for a unique take on the classic smokey eye.

The Pressed Powder ($48) is perfect for a light, smooth coverage. The oil-free mineral powder doesn’t contain talc and leaves skin with a matte finish. It comes in 17 different shades, I use the #2 shade, a neutral beige that works well with my olive skin.

You can complete your palette by choosing from 25 shades of KROMA’s Mineral Blush ($21) all in various matte, sheen, and shimmer finishes. I love using Poetic, a shimmery bronze and topping it with Cinderella, a shimmery bubble-gum pink.


Kroma Beauty: Natural Botanicals, All Organic

I recently received a Kroma Makeup Sample kit to indulge in. Kroma Makeup is a mineral based makeup line, which uses only natural and raw materials from the Earth. Overall, I was quite pleased with the quality of the samples, Kroma Makeup, you’ve got yourself a new fan. The kit I received was in the shade “medium: ethnic”, and included two blushes, a powder foundation, a cream concealer, and a mascara. Details and makeup swatches for individual products are highlighted below:

The first product I opened was a Botanical Concealer, in “Taboo”. At first glance, the concealer seemed a bit light for my medium/dark skin-tone. A concealer should typically be two shades lighter than your skin tone so it can erase blemishes and act as a “white out” for your face in pictures. When I swatched the product, I was pleased to see it did appear lighter when blended than it looked in the pot. The consistency is creamy and thick, making it great for the ladies who desire a fuller coverage in their concealer.

Next was the Pressed Powder in shade “#14”. I swatched the pressed powder side by side with the concealer to show you guys the contrast of the two face products (see below). The biggest problem I usually experience with powdered products is the “white cast” they tend to leave in photos, and the streaky application. Fortunately, Kroma’s Pressed Powder did not have a streaky application at all. The pigment was consistent and smooth throughout the application process. It appeared to provide a buildable coverage, so you can choose how light or heavy you want it to look.

Before moving on to the other products, I want you guys to know that Kroma Makeup offers specialized shades for each customer, for each of their facial products. This means that every concealer and foundation, liquid or powder, is available to be custom blended, since each of us has a unique skin tone. The next was the Teen Lip Gloss in the shade “Cotton Candy”. I typically like pigmented, bold lip colors, and this was more of a sheer, clear gloss. The formula is hydrating, and great for those who want a subtle lip color on bare lips, or to gloss up a matte lip color.

I also received a Mascara in Blue. The formula consistency of this mascara is nice and thick, which makes the lashes appear super full and dark. I haven’t done colored mascara since high school, so I was a little apprehensive about using this, as I felt like it might make me look a little childish since I’m in my twenties, but was very happy with the results. This color is great for brown eyes.

Last, but not least, were the two Mineral Blushes in the shades “Ideal”, and “Peachy”. Ideal is a peachy/rosy color with a matte finish, it is extremely pigmented, and beautiful! Love that it came in a refillable tin compact. I believe this color complimented my skin tone wonderfully, and it is my favorite product out of the entire kit, and definitely one I would purchase again. Peachy on the other hand, was significantly less pigmented than Ideal. It appears to be a light peach color in the tin, however when blended, it’s much less pigmented on my skin tone. As a darker skinned girl, this color is too pale for me and would look great on lighter skin tones.

Overall, the Kroma makeup products I received are a good investment. What I liked most about the products is the range of products available for every skin tone. Their custom blend service is well worth the higher price, we’d definitely recommend it. Have you guys tried any Kroma beauty products?

Written by Contributing Writer, Mariam Sardar Edited by Glasgow Skinner


Fashion Week Miami Beach

Premier Guide Miami Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach celebrates its 8th year and 17th season! As with every year, FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach, will fuse music and fashion and like no other city in the world could do. This is Fashion Week – MIAMI STYLE! FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach will utilize locations including The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach and The Moore Building in the famed Design District in Miami. FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beachis a four day/evening long event that provides an intelligent, innovative platform for progressive and established designers to showcase their collections to media, celebrities, international buyers, and select style makers.

Tuesday Oct 18th Media reception 6pm – 8pm EDEN SOUTH BEACH Presented by Heineken – 210 23rd St -Miami Beach

Wednesday Oct 19th– Isabel Toledo and FGI. IsabelToledo was born in Cuba. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (NY) and Parsons School of Design (NY). Toledo designed a lemongrass yellow wool lace shift dress with matching overcoat which First Lady Michelle Obama selected to wear at the inauguration of her husband, President Barack Obama. At The Moore Building. 8pm

Wednesday Oct 19th – Now entering its 7th year, Go Red For Women is the nationwide campaign of The American Heart Association (AHA) to create awareness surrounding America’s #1 killer of women – Heart Disease. The event will showcase red dresses on the runway created and donated specifically for this show by some of the world’s top fashion designers. These dresses will then be auctioned off with all proceeds going the AHA. Designers Include: OSCAR DE LA RENTA, DONNA KARAN, NICOLE MILLER, CUSTO BARCELONA, ANGEL SANCHEZ, and GUSTAVO CADILE At The Setai Hotel 8pm

Thursday, Oct 20th –JetBlue Fashion Show by MIUAD. The Moore Building. 6pm

Thursday, Oct 20th –Toxic Sadie Swimwear. The Moore Building. 7pm

Thursday, Oct 20th – Sarahi House of Fashion. The collection is an affordable and fashionable clothes and shoes line that is designed to fit the tall women’s body type, while also catering to the average height and petite women. Sarahi House of Fashions understands that everyone is uniquely shaped. The Moore Building. 8pm

Thursday, Oct 20th – Xela Fashion by Nora Sahraoui, a new fashion forward collection from Marseille France, is set to debut at Funkshion: Fashion week. The Funkshion audience will view original and authentic work including haute couture, Arabic dresses, cocktail, pret-et-porter, and several one of a kind wedding dresses, all designed specifically for today’s bold woman. At The Setai Hotel. 8pm

Friday, Oct 21st– Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s lead singer, has stepped out of his music comfort zone to help design a rock and roll clothing line. He has teamed up with Andy Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger’s brother, for a ‘rock inspired’ clothing line for Macy’s called Andrew Charles. Steven Tyler was the main inspiration for the Andrew Charles clothing line and will star in the ads alongside his 22 year old daughter, Chelsea Tyler.

At the conclusion of the runway show, Andy Hilfiger, a lifelong musician, will perform songs with his band, The Andrew Charles All-Stars, featuring Grammy award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, MARKY RAMONE on drums. Also performing at the event – The Click Clack Boom. – The Moore building. 7pm

Saturday, Oct 22nd – FUNKSHION GOES GREEN in an effort to promote social and environmental responsibility, Funkshion has partnered with The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) and their “green” team to bring a truly sustainable experience to Fashion Week Miami Beach. 500 Journalists from around the world will be attending an eco-Friendly Runway show by multiple designers (including Eco-Swim , EcoArtFashion by Luis Valenzuela and designs by Julia Veli) that all follow the sustainability message.

http://www.sej.org/ The Setai Hotel. 8pm


And just like our designers, which all are all showing Spring/Summer 2012 collections,

POLARIS electric bicycles, will showcase the debut of their Spring/Summer 2012 eBikes . Developed with innovative technology, representing an exciting new option in recreational and commuting mobility,

POLARIS will be debuting their new electric bicycles at all events during this years FUNKSHION.


Nolcha Fashion Week September 2011 Comes To An End

This fall, Nolcha Fashion Week began with Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th, 2011. Nolcha hosted an Independent Pop Up Shop at the Opia Lounge on 57th Street. The event was hosted by The New York Post, Ricardo Ralph Lopez, Farasha Boutique, and Globalfashionbrands.com.

Seventeen fashion brands were presented at FNO; at least three of which are eco friendly. Press and Industry personnel had the opportunity to browse the different collections; visit the beauty bar set up by Kroma Makeup and Kiss Nails; and sample cocktails provided by Don Q Rum. The first 100 shoppers who attended received a gift bag with goodies from vitabath and LypSyl among others.

Nolcha Fashion Week continued on Monday September 12th at The Metropolitan Pavilion. The event featured 3 runway shows, and an all day Apparel and Accessories Exhibition. People could browse the various collections at the exhibit while waiting for the runway shows to begin; or they could visit stations sponsored by Kiss Nails and vitabath. The runway shows were scheduled at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm and featured 12 different collections.

Nolcha Fashion Week officially concluded on Wednesday with the closing party presented by kiss nails at The Sanctuary Hotel on West 47th Street.


The Ultimate Guide to Green Makeup

written by Melisse Gelula September 7, 2011

Kroma is the brainchild of Florida makeup-artist Lee Tillett, whose chic cosmetics in refillable packaging leave no color untapped. There are 150 rich mineral shadows ($19, www.kromamakeup.com), plus four new gorgeous shades for fall (Picasso blue is sure to be a cult favorite), so let Tillett and her team custom match you. (They nailed my shades even via e-mail.)


KROMA to sponsor Nolcha Fashion Week: New York

Nolcha Fashion Week: New York has announced that KROMA Makeup will be its Official Cosmetic Sponsor for September 2011.

The award winning fashion event, held simultaneously with New York Fashion Week, is a platform for showcasing top-tier independent designers from around the world.

Celebrity makeup artist and KROMA Makeup founder, Lee Tillett, will lead the makeup team for all of the runway shows, creating exciting looks using inspiration from the designers who will be debuting collections.

Tillett said: "We are proud to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week and look forward to collaborating with all of the innovative thinkers and designers that will be featured there.

"It is exciting to share our natural products that are long lasting, provide excellent coverage, and can cater to all ethnicities."

Arthur Mandel, Nolcha President, commented: "We feel that Nolcha Fashion Week is the perfect vehicle to launch KROMA Makeup's newest creation and we are looking forward to seeing what the fan reaction is to it.

"Together we are forming a contest to let the fans name the latest creation for a chance to win a VIP pass to the event!"

Established in 2004, KROMA Makeup is hand made in Orlando, Florida, US using Certified USDA Organic and botanical compounds. The company debuted refillable packaging in the same year, an innovation that has allowed thousands of pounds of plastic to be recycled annually.

Clients range from post operative cancer patients to runway models, showing rare versatility for a makeup line featuring more than 280 shades.


10 Tips for Planning a Green Wedding

by Brandi Broxson

Choose a stationer who specializes in invitations and seating cards made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink. Opt for stationery with embedded wildflower seeds. Planted in soil, the seeds in the paper sprout wildflowers. Visit poshbetty.com for eco-friendly stationery.
Save your guests some gas and have the ceremony and reception at the same venue. Pick an outdoor location where guests can take in nature’s beauty throughout the day.
For the cocktail hour, request organic wine and beer. Organic wine and beers are crafted without the harsh use of fungicides and synthetic fertilizers. Organic wines can be found at Whole Foods Market (wholefoodsmarket.com), and Orlando Brewing (orlandobrewing.com) makes organic beer on site.
Pick flowers and ornamentals that are grown locally, saving you money on shipping costs while also reducing fuel use and emissions associated with transportation.
Greenkarat.com specializes in making jewelry using recycled gold and platinum and socially responsible diamonds and gems.
Hire a makeup artist who uses organic makeup. Kroma Makeup (kromamakeup.com) in Maitland offers mineral, botanical and organic cosmetics as well as makeup applications for your big day.
Offer guests organic and vegetarian dishes along with the conventional reception menu items. Loving Hut (lovinghut.us/florida) of Orlando provides vegan catering that features appetizers, meals and desserts.
Choose candles made with soy and natural-based oils rather than ones made from man-made chemicals like paraffin.Soy candles will last longer during the wedding and also produce less soot.
Reduce waste by renting dinnerware and linens instead of using plastic and disposable items. BBJ linen (bbjlinen.com) in Orlando offers green rental options, including tablecloths made from recycled plastic bottles and chair ties, runners and full cloths made from synthetic burlap.
Create gift registries on eco-product sites like vivaterra.com and branchhome.com so your guests can purchase housewares and decorating items that are made—many by hand— from recycled materials or sustainable sources.
This article appears in the January 2011 issue of Orlando Magazine.

Spa Business

KROMA makeup is designed with the healthy and fashionably beauty-conscious in mind. Available only in select retailers, KROMA products contain more than 200 all-natural trendy formulas and are housed in eco-friendly packaging.
We have more than 20 years of retail experience, strongly focusing on customer service, bringing all our innovative practices to you!
Our organic-based glosses are infused with your choice of essence, while our handmade lipsticks and botanical foundations improve your skin, leaving you wanting more. With limitless shades and textures for all ethnic skin tones, let us custom-blend to your needs!


KROMA Beauty Launches at The Plaza

by Glasgow SkinnerJuly 23, 2010

Kroma, which means color in Greek promises women will experience limitless color for face, cheeks, eyes ans lips. Lee Tillett’s 22 years in as a makeup artist has given her the knowledge to fully understand the different tones, highs and lows that makes each woman different. It is with this knowledge that she’s able to offer true custom blending for any woman’s foundation.

As you can expect, she has a huge following of women of color who can never find their correct shade but her true talent shines because Ms. Tillett and Kroma that throughout the year, our skintone changes. It’s already a hassle to find your correct shade and finally lets say you do you find it one cold winter day and enjoy your flawless skin throughout Spring but then here comes summer and you’re tan – there’s no way your winter shade works anymore. With Kroma, you can send your current foundation and/or powder back to them to adjust it to your new shade – there is no need to toss out a half full compact or liquid makeup. Your shade will also be kept on file with their labs. While you’re at it, why not adjust your makeup to your changing skin, make it oil-free or moisturizing.

If you’re still not sure and want a first hand look on how Kroma Makeup will look on you, why not upload a photo of yourself to their Virtual Makeup Artist program on their site and try out each of their vast amount of colors for yourself.


The 2009 Emmy Awards Gifting Suites

Highlights: Kroma make-up, tanning certificates to Infinity Sun, bath salt blends from the Joyful Bath Co, Bota Box wine-in-a box, Avitae Energy Water which has an infusion of caffeine for energy yet remains flavorless. Stat Key Company gifted stylized keys in different shapes and designs including houses, grenades, horses, butterflies and chess pieces. The company also accepts custom designs so celebs could create their own one-of-a-kind model. No more confusion as to which key is for what lock.


WOW! Creations Emmy Gift Lounge Attracts the Hottest of Celebs

Kroma Makeup (www.kromamakeup.com) is a botanical, mineral-based, 100% natural make-up at its purest. Inspired by nature, Kroma – derived from the Greek word for color – strives to be different. A large color palette graces the doctor-recommended line, and its products all use organic compounds. Planet-friendly, luxurious and age-defying, Kroma Makeup offers the experience of a limitless spectrum of color. Kroma (Kroma means color in Greek) make-up is custom blended for your particular skin color and skin needs. www.kromamakeup.com


LA’s The Place

Kroma Makeup presents make up at its purest. Inspired by nature, Kroma – derived from the Greek word for color – strives to be different. A large color palette graces the doctor-recommended line, and its products all use organic compounds. Planet-friendly, luxurious and age-defying, Kroma Makeup offers the experience of a limitless spectrum of color. SOURCE