KROMA a natural fit into duty free

March 12 2009 By Jas Ryan

KROMA makeup’s range does not compromise on high-performance products while addressing customer sensitivities

Before the word natural became prevalent in the beauty community, KROMA makeup had already built a niche business model based on people with sensitivities that still crave a high-performance product with stability and color range. As the brand continues to excel in duty free, KROMA returns to the Summit of the Americas to put its products into the hands of consumers domestically and internationally.

Lee Cristou, KROMA Founder, will be sharing her natural makeup line at the Summit of the Americas in Orlando

Lee Cristou, KROMA Founder, recently engineered the brand’s entry into the hotel industry, as this was the next organic relationship with travelers. “We've connected with major brand names like the Hilton, and since we've always catered to the traveling client, we found it ideal to respond to their needs in that type of setting due to the nature of the hotel guest,” she says. “Also, it’s particularly gratifying for us since we've long operated a Professional Makeup Studio, to bring that internal value by educating and launching events which we feel is vital for their success, along with providing consistent support.”

The goal for KROMA is to be exclusively available in select locations, as quality is more important to the brand than quantity. KROMA wants to continue to offer that boutique feel and attention to detail to each retailer.

KROMA has always advocated an ethnic range, making it a natural fit to international travelers, as the brand has the knowledge and confidence to cater to all women. “They've put their trust in us over the years, and our less than 1% return rate not only proves product reliability but consumer loyalty,” says Cristou.

Top sellers for the brand include refillable options that offer great color-payoff, sensitivity-free natural formulas and customization to fit the consumer’s specific needs – something that has always kept KROMA ahead of the curve. Telia Face-Lifting Primer and Botanical Foundations are the best sellers in duty free.

The evolution of KROMA in duty free will continue as innovation in products and displays leads the way. Says Cristou: “We have a new eye-catching display to accommodate the consumer and retailer needs that we're excited to launch, and are in the midst of collaborations with new interest.”

The Summit of the Americas is the next step to connect with new partners and help take the brand to a wider level nationally and internationally.

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