KROMA Beauty Launches at The Plaza

by Glasgow SkinnerJuly 23, 2010

Kroma, which means color in Greek promises women will experience limitless color for face, cheeks, eyes ans lips. Lee Tillett’s 22 years in as a makeup artist has given her the knowledge to fully understand the different tones, highs and lows that makes each woman different. It is with this knowledge that she’s able to offer true custom blending for any woman’s foundation.

As you can expect, she has a huge following of women of color who can never find their correct shade but her true talent shines because Ms. Tillett and Kroma that throughout the year, our skintone changes. It’s already a hassle to find your correct shade and finally lets say you do you find it one cold winter day and enjoy your flawless skin throughout Spring but then here comes summer and you’re tan – there’s no way your winter shade works anymore. With Kroma, you can send your current foundation and/or powder back to them to adjust it to your new shade – there is no need to toss out a half full compact or liquid makeup. Your shade will also be kept on file with their labs. While you’re at it, why not adjust your makeup to your changing skin, make it oil-free or moisturizing.

If you’re still not sure and want a first hand look on how Kroma Makeup will look on you, why not upload a photo of yourself to their Virtual Makeup Artist program on their site and try out each of their vast amount of colors for yourself.