Botanical Tinted Moisturizer

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KROMA® Tinted Moisturizers are known for their staying power, covering better than your traditional tints on the market. They are water-based, botanical, oil-free, and contain sunscreen. Breathable, non-clogging formulas which your skin will thank you for! Custom Blend available! Choose from our 5 beautiful, natural-looking and refillable shades.

Tinted Moisturizer Radiance
Tinted Moisturizer Sunkissed
Tinted Moisturizer True
Tinted Moisturizer Youth

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 0.937 × 127 × 0.937 mm

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1 review for Botanical Tinted Moisturizer

  1. Madisen Iman Whitfield

    I received a sample size of this tinted moisturizer in the mail and it blew my mind. Not only does a little go a very long way, but it also gives really great coverage while feeling very light on the skin, you forget you’re even wearing any make-up. Also, it blends really nicely, for example if you got a color a shade or two off, it will blend into your skin tone and look completely natural, but still give you the coverage you want. For me, I have a redness problem, and after wearing this tinted moistuizer just 2 times, the problem went away and my skin cleared up really noticably. Other brands claim to “help your skin” but this one really really does. And my favorite part is that it’s so effective yet feels and looks so natural. Even though it is a moisturizer, it does the job of a foundation as well.

    • Kroma

      We want to thank you for your feedback Madisen! We get similar comments about our foundations and since we work with plastic surgeons, derms & spas alike, our products truly assist with improving your skin (instead of clogging or having you lose the ‘glow’ you once had..).
      We cherish your thoughts and hope we always exceed your expectations among our nationwide fans and we’re happy you’re one of them! :-)
      Best wishes,
      Your KROMA® Professionals

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